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Gas fields opening in Southern Ustyurt: UzbekNeftGaz is rapidly developing promising fields

It should be noted that drilling works are being carried out in order to study the Lower Jurassic strata in Ustyurt, to obtain high-quality geological data, to identify new promising productive strata, to develop existing hydrocarbon reserves.

On September 28, gas erupted from the 5th well drilled in the Lower East Berdak mine in Karakalpakstan from a depth of 4,200 meters. We are lucky that we have come upon such an important process.

After geological exploration work was carried out, well drilling began in January of this year in the 5th well. Our gas workers working in Ustyurt achieved the intended result in a short time.

Maqsud Jumayev, Chief Engineer of "Uzneftgaz Drilling Works" LLC, said that this gas has not yet been contained, and its pressure has not been accurately calculated. At the moment, according to estimates, 1.2-1.5 million cubic meters of gas per day will be controlled and connected to the gas treatment plant. (JSC "UzbekNeftGaz" later reported that the daily volume of gas coming out of this well is 1.3 million cubic meters - tah).

In the complex gas preparation unit, the gas delivered from the mines is cleaned of additives and sent to local consumers.

The most surprising thing is that local experts are using Chinese-made drilling equipment with left-handedness.

Maqsud Jumayev told us a short story about how a well dug into a gas field is strengthened and lowered.

We also visited the "Arslon" complex gas processing plant. Here, hot gases extracted from wells in Ustyurt are extracted, cleaned and cooled and delivered to consumers through the main pipelines of UzTransGaz.

According to Agzam Jugunisov, the head of the Arslon complex gas preparation facility, the gas extracted from the Arslon, Lower Surgil, and Garby Lower Surgil fields is separated at low temperature from the gas composition by formation water, mechanical compounds and liquid hydrocarbons are separated, the purified natural gas is delivered to the requirements of the state standard and transferred to the main gas pipelines of "Uztransgaz" JSC. In the device, natural gas is cooled to a temperature of minus 15 degrees.

It should be noted that the gas processing complex of 6 million cubic meters per day is being further expanded and soon its capacity will be increased to 9 million cubic meters per day.

The complex is also paying great attention to the use of renewable energy. Solar panels are also being installed on large areas around the Arslon gas complex. The electricity generated here is directed to the work of the complex.

"Sharqi Berdaq" compression compressor station, launched in 2017, has 3 gas driving units with a total capacity of 54 MW. According to the project, it is intended to increase the pressure of 6 million cubic meters of low-pressure natural gas per day and 2 billion cubic meters per year.

Today, this compression compressor station increases the pressure of 5.9 million cubic meters of low-pressure natural gas extracted daily from more than 200 wells in mines such as "Sharqiy Berdak", "Shimaliy Berdak", "Arslon", "Inom" and "Quyi Surgil". It delivers low-temperature gas to the complex purification device of the "Sharqi Berdaq" complex.

Most of the newly developed gas fields in Ustyurt are located at a depth of 4500 meters. However, efforts have also been started to develop promising mines at a depth of 6,000 meters. We also visited one of the mines where such a deep well is being dug.

Identifying promising fields, gas extraction, how to determine the amount of reserves in the fields and how many years the opened fields will be operational is, of course, a very interesting topic. Experts of "UzbekNeftGaz" willingly narrated this process from thread to needle. We decided to make a special show about it.