Саммит Организации экономического сотрудничества
Senior Officials Meeting on Transport

The ECO Senior Officials Meeting on Transport was held on November 1, 2023 in Tashkent, to finalize the outcome documents of the 12th ECO Ministerial Meeting on Transport scheduled for 2nd November, 2023.

Chaired by Mr. Bekzod Kholmatov Nurmatovich, Director of Center for Research, Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Meeting reviewed the item-wise contents of the Agenda of the Ministerial Meeting, including the Draft Tashkent Declaration on Transport.

Briefing the participants from the ECO Member States, the ECO Deputy Secretary General Mr. Kashif Zaman informed about some important activities of the Organization in the transport sector, especially the developments made since the last Ministerial Meeting in February 2022.

The Senior Officials underlined the necessity for accelarating regional cooperation efforts as well as enhancing collaboration with regional and international organizations to achieve the targets of ECO Vision 2025. Further, they stressed upon the investment needs of the sector and noted the importance of mobilizing funds particularly through international financial institutes.

Highlighting also some shared interests and common goals of transport and connectivity in the region, the meeting underscored that stronger connectivity will play a bridging role in reaching the aspirations of Member States.